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How to dress

Man reaching non-operated arm behind back to pull the other sleeve of a button-down shirt on.

Wear a loose t-shirt or button-down shirt.


  1. Put your operated arm into your sleeve.
  2. Pull your t-shirt up as far as possible to your upper arm without moving your elbow away from your body. You may need assistance with positioning your operated arm away from your body by bending toward your operated side or forward, making sure you do not put weight on your operated arm. The operated arm should only be extended out by 10-15 degrees to assist with putting your arm into your sleeve.
  3. Position your t-shirt so that you can put your non-operated arm into your sleeve.
  4. Put your head through the opening for your neck.
  5. Put the sling on as per the instructions in the guidebook or from your therapist.

Button-Down Shirt

  1. Insert your operated arm into your sleeve.
  2. You will need to walk the collar over to your non-operated arm.
  3. Put your non-operated arm through your sleeve.
  4. You may need assistance with your buttons.
  5. Adjust your shirt at the back and front with your non-operated arm.
  6. Put on your sling as per the instructions in the guidebook or from your therapist.


Wear pants or shorts with an elastic waist. To dress while wearing the sling, follow these instructions:

  1. While sitting on a chair or the edge of a bed, use your non-operated arm to hold the waistband of your pants.
  2. Place your leg into your pants by crossing your leg and bringing your ankle up to knee height.
  3. Pull your pants up to upper thigh height.
  4. Using your non-operated arm, push up from your chair/bed and pull your pants up.


  1. While sitting on a chair or the edge of a bed, cross your leg and bring your ankle up to knee height.
  2. Bend slightly forward with the sock in your non-operated hand, and place the sock over your toes.
  3. Pull up your sock while bending your knee toward you.


Try to wear slip-on shoes or use elastic shoelaces or velcro closures so you do not have to tie your shoes.

  1. While sitting in a chair, slip your feet into your shoes.
  2. Use your non-operated hand to secure the velcro closures, if applicable.