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Meet your surgical team

You are in good hands.

All of our surgeons are board certified and have completed orthopaedic subspecialty fellowships in the area of shoulder and elbow surgery.  

We work as a team.

An integrated, multidisciplinary approach combines a team of dedicated physicians, advance practice providers, orthopaedic nurses, clinical case managers, anesthesia teams, residents, medical students, and physical and occupational therapists dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality care. 

This team is led by your surgeon and also includes advance practice providers. They communicate daily about your progress both before and after surgery. During your preoperative and postoperative period,  our advance practice providers, which consist of physician assistants (PA) and/or nurse practitioners (NP), will be involved in your care. They are licensed by the state and engage in ongoing education in the specialty of orthopaedics. They have advanced academic and clinical training that allows them to provide health care services including: 

  • Taking a patient's medical history, performing a physical exam, and ordering laboratory tests and procedures
  • Diagnosing, treating, and managing diseases 
  • Writing prescriptions and coordinating referrals 
  • Providing education on disease prevention and healthy lifestyles 
  • Performing certain procedures, such as joint injections

Learn more about the Orthopaedic services we provide.