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When can I go home?

Senior couple walking into their home, one of them is using a walker, the other is supporting them.

Most patients can expect to return to their own home after leaving the hospital, typically the day after surgery.

  • You will receive a prescription for pain medications for you to have at home
  • Constipation is a side effect of pain medication. Use the medications you typically use to help with your bowels including fiber, Metamucil, stool softeners, Milk of Magnesia, or Magnesium Citrate
  • If you have not had a bowel movement after 4 days following surgery, contact the Bone and Joint Institute
  • You will have a blood thinner medication, which is typically started the morning following surgery and continues for several weeks
  • In general, you can put as much weight as you like on the operated leg, but you should use a walker to help you get around
  • It is very important to work on your exercises after the surgery and to keep moving