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How will the pain be controlled?

IV drip in an operating room

Pain control is one of the most important considerations for our patients around the time of surgery. We will do everything that we can to help manage your pain in an acceptable manner. Patients who are on regular narcotic pain medications prior to surgery have a much more difficult time managing their pain after surgery.

We use a multi-modal approach to pain management.

  • Right before the surgery, you will receive several medications by mouth to help with the pain control during the surgery.
  • During the surgery you may receive pain medications through your IV from the anesthesia team
  • We also typically provide an injection around the joint at the time of surgery to provide pain relief for 12-18 hours which allows early function including walking.
  • Many patients will walk on the day of surgery.
  • After surgery, you will receive several pain medications including Tylenol, Tramadol (Ultram), and an anti-inflammatory, on a regular basis.  Other pain medications such as Percocet or Vicodin are also available if needed. 
  • IV pain medications are available as determined by the patient and the nursing staff.
  • To help reduce swelling and decrease pain, have ice applied to your surgical site several times a day. 

You will be asked frequently during your hospital stay what your pain level is as a way of monitoring the effectiveness of the pain control.