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What are the do's and don'ts after your surgery?

You have an important role in caring for your “new” shoulder. To have the best surgical outcome, follow the Do's and Don'ts listed below:


  • Wear your sling at all times except for bathing, dressing, and exercising
  • Check your incision daily and watch for signs of infection or poor healing
  • Follow your home exercises as directed by your surgeon and therapist
  • Take stool softeners while you are taking your narcotic pain medications
  • As you increase your activity, be careful to prevent falls that could injure your shoulder

    Certain movements place stress on your new shoulder and should be avoided until your surgeon instructs you to do otherwise.


    • Do not use your operative arm to lift anything heavier than paper and pencil
    • Do not push yourself up with your operative arm
    • Do not pull anything with your operative arm
    • Do not drive while you are wearing your sling
    • Do not bathe in a tub, get in a hot tub, pool, lake, or ocean until your doctor gives you permission
    • Do not lift anything heavy with your nonoperative arm